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Always nice to hear positive feedback!

Kevin, Mihran and I express our thank you for the HVAC installation you and your sons carried out on our property. Your boys are true professionals and rose above the fray. We are very thankful. We hope that we can continue to count on Boyko for any ongoing service and maintenance going forward. Thank you again. Ann & Mihran Azadian

Ann & Mihran Azadian,

We couldn't be more pleased with the install of our new furnace, water heater, and air conditioner. These guys are so easy to talk to and expertly answer all of your questions. The Boyko's exemplify friendly and professional service.

George S.,

Excellent, fast and friendly service. Came at the exact time scheduled, which is important. They did a great good on my furnace repair and I will be calling them for any future problems.

Ashley C.,

Wanted everyone to know that I had excellent service. And always friendly and polite.

Darryl Unger,

Kevin, Thanks again! We are Really happy with the work done! Will be sending your name along to our friends. Thanks Kate & Dave

Kate & Dave,

Thanks for doing such a great job!!Looks good.


Had a great experience with Boyko's Heating and Air Conditioning! As well as doing great work they were trustworthy, warm and considerate about doing work in a home with two little boys who needed naps. Very recommended!

Erin Kimberly,

Erin Tenhage

This is our second experience with Boyko's Heating and Air Conditioning, and we continue to be impressed with their service and work! They are timely, professional, thorough, and deeply respectful of the fact that they are entering a family home: they worked around our young sons' naps, kept the volume low when they needed to sleep, and took the time to be friendly and involved with the kids when they were awake and full of questions. Highly recommended!

Erin Tenhage, St Catharines

We Specialize in…

New Furnace Installation New Air Conditioner Installation Wifi Thermostat Installation Furnace/Air Conditioner Repairs and Maintenance Gas Line Installation Water Heater Installation
  • New Furnace Installation

    New Furnace Installation

    High Efficiency Furnaces are rated over 90% efficient compared to the older conventional and mid Efficiency Furnaces that are being replaced. You can achieve up to 96+ % efficiency depending on what your needs are. The logical choice would be to make sure you are buying a new High Efficiency Furnace with an ECM Blower motor. With todays energy costs it only makes sense to make this choice, the hydro savings is worth the extra minimal cost.

  • New Air Conditioner Installation

    New Air Conditioner Installation

    Air conditioners to suit all customers needs and budget. 13 SEER up to 21 SEER. SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. To keep it simple, the higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient your air conditioner is. If your air conditioner is ten years or older it would be approximately 8 SEER rating. New models on the market today start at 13 SEER all the way up to 21 SEER . Air conditioners in todays market run off of R410A refrigerant which is environmentally friendly compared to your older R22 Freon units.

  • Wifi Thermostat Installation

    Wifi Thermostat Installation

    Thermostats start with basic non-programable up to programable Wifi Thermostats. Technology is growing rapidly. Controlling your thermostat through wifi on your smart phone is of the utmost convenience!

    With Ecobee you have the option to put the temperature sensor in any room of your house and control the temperature of that area rather than from the original thermostat!

    Indoor air quality has never been more important than now, as we tend to spend more time indoors than we did in the past. Today's technology has given us many options to help keep homes safe and healthy to live in!

  • Furnace/Air  Conditioner Repairs and Maintenance

    Furnace/Air Conditioner Repairs and Maintenance

  • Gas Line Installation

    Gas Line Installation

    Barbeque, Stove, Dryer, Underground Pool Lines

  • Water Heater Installation

    Water Heater Installation

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Our customers satisfaction is our number one priority!

With Boyko's Heating And Air Conditioning your guaranteed the "Red Carpet" treatment. We treat your home like it's our own!!

Our Team

  • Devon Boyko

    Gas Fitter & 4th yr Apprentice Air Condit

  • Kevin Boyko

    Owner of Boyko's Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Jordon Boyko

    Gas Fitter

  • Denise Boyko


Our History

Kevin has been serving the Niagara region for over 38 years.

Kevin found an interest in heating and air conditioning right from high school and has been working in the trade since he was sixteen. Kevin recently decided to go out on his own and a family business with his two son's!! Devon his oldest son has been in the trade for 5 years! He worked with Kevin at the previous employer and of course will continue along side his dad in their new venture! Jordon has successfully completed his Gas Technician course and is now licensed also.


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